Specially designed for oxygen service, supply and transport applications Kavlico's P1E pressure sensor apply ISO15001 cleaning procedures and are delivered with a protection cap on the thread in an individual hermetically sealed packaging. P1E sensors are approved to be used in medical gas service applications such as breathing oxygen and high pressure oxygen service and distribution applications.

The sensor offers a compact, low weight and a hermetically sealed design that incorporates Kavlico´s thin film strain gauge technology in a 304 stainless steel housing. Due to the hermetically sealed design the sense element is impervious to almost any media, and does not require an internal seal.  The robust design ensures high repeatability and long term stability. P1E sensors are designed for a wide range of liquid and gaseous media and a wide temperature range from -30° C to +100°C (media to 120°C). To ensure a world-wide usage the senor is cULus listed and CE certified.

Made in Germany

  • Hermetically Sealed Compact & Light-weight
  • Cleanliness in Accordance with ISO 15001
  • Wetted Parts Free of Oil and Greas
  • Resistant to Chemical Attack
  • Superior Long-Term Stability & Repeatability
  • No Internal Seal

Typical Applications
  • Medical Air Plant Sector
  • Medical Gas Control Systems.
  • Medical Gas Control Manifolds.
  • Medical Gas Storage.
  • Delivery systems
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Plants

Standard Full Scale Pressure Ranges

0 - 6, 0 - 16, 0 - 25, 0 - 100, 0 - 250 and 0 - 400 (Gage)

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