A new and superior low-pressure solution for the general industry, featuring Ceramic Capacitive technology.

Robust, reliable and media-resistant, the Ceramic Capacitive sensing technology at the heart of the P1A is the best technology for low-pressure applications seeking superior long term stability. Kavlico introduced and patented a cost-effective design and opened the door to robust, high volume Ceramic Capacitive sense elements. Now – after more than 40 years of Ceramic Capacitive experience in transportation, HVAC, Refrigeration, medical and general industrial applications Kavlico Pressure Sensor is launching the next generation of pressure sensors. Featuring a highly modular design and a wide range of options, the P1A has been specifically developed to address the broadest spectrum of general industrial applications. It is now exclusively presented at the SPS IPC Drives show until its worldwide launch in Q1 2015.

Kavlico Pressure Sensors uses various technologies in its Pressure Sensors and Transmitters, depending on pressure range and other variables. For low-pressure applications, Ceramic Capacitive technology trumps other technologies commonly used for low-pressure ranges (such as Ceramic Thick Film or Piezo-resistive Oil Filled) on all counts, notably bringing long-term stability and accuracy and high overpressure capability.

Covering pressure ranges from vacuum to 16 bar with gauge and absolute references, the P1A Ceramic Capacitive transmitter extends the 6 bar to 3000 bar range of Kavlico’s successful PTE5000 Pressure Sensor Series – also designed for multiple industrial applications but featuring Thin Film technology, for mid and higher pressures.

The P1A also offers a higher level of modularity than Kavlico’s P500 Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor – intended for a more limited range of high volume applications.

Extended Modularity

The modular design of the P1A incorporates:

  • Various analog electrical outputs
  • Digital outputs on request
  • A wide selection of standard pressure ports
  • The possibility of customized pressure ports
  • Several electrical connector variants and customized over molded cable exits
  • Internal seals to match the specific application

This modularity and range of options offered by the thousands of part numbers in the P1A family make the advantages of Ceramic Capacitive technology in low-pressure sensing now available to the broadest spectrum of industrial applications. Besides the multiple standard configurations available, customized adaptations can also be considered.

Typical application areas:

  • Industrial machines
  • Waste and Water Management
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial OEM applications
  • Pneumatic or vacuum-activated machines

Superior Performance

Kavlico’s P1A Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor incorporates the latest generation sensing elements with Kavlico‘s proprietary state-of-the-art ASICs. Designed to withstand harsh environments, it features superior EMI protection, outstanding shock and vibration performance, impressive longevity and lifetime performance and high quality. It is tested to parameters that match or exceed those of competing products on the market.

As one of the originators of Ceramic Capacitive technology, Kavlico Pressure Sensors can boast unrivalled expertise in its use. The company has developed the strengths of these products over many years of designing for demanding requirements across many industries and, particularly, in transportation – a sector requiring both high volumes and high quality. The P1A products family finally brings the fruits of this wealth of experience to a much wider range of industrial applications than Kavlico has hitherto addressed.

Kavlico's Manufacturing Power

Kavlico Pressure Sensors is one of the biggest Ceramic Capacitive Sensor producers, by volume. The P1A’s design and Kavlico’s international manufacturing profile make it possible to manufacture the P1A in either High Volume Low Mix (with no worries about capacity) or Low Volume High Mix contexts (with the possibility of rapid ramp-up if needed).

Meeting all international standards, the P1A will be available in Q1 2015 through a selected number of distributors, making it possible for engineers anywhere to consider it for new applications or for renovations where existing pressure sensors or switches could be advantageously replaced.

To Resume

The P1A Pressure Sensor, from the ultimate experts in Ceramic Capacitive technology, excels in low-pressure contexts, offering stability, accuracy and long performance life. Highly modular and flexible, its many options cover multiple industrial applications. These factors plus the fact that the P1A is easily available, in highly flexible supply configurations, make the P1A a clear first choice as a low-pressure solution.

About Kavlico Pressure Sensors:

For more than 50 years Kavlico Pressure Sensors has been a leading expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad range of precision, pressure, pressure and temperature, fluid level, and specialty sensors. Focused on premium products, and adapting innovative technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure Sensors is the reliable solutions provider for the harshest and most demanding applications across the globe.

Download pdf version: The P1A Pressure Sensor