Kavlico Pressure Sensors – Measurement from Vacuum up to 3000 Bar – made in Germany.

Kavlico Pressure Sensors will be presenting its new and adapted range of pressure sensor developments for hydraulic, pneumatic, HVAC&R and VAV applications at the Sensors & Instrumentations 2014 in Birmingham – Stand B30. 

The compact and hermetically sealed TiON thin-film pressure sensor PTE5000 developed for various industrial pressure measurement from 6 up to 3000 bar gauge and is resistant to a broad range of liquid and gaseous media.  
Kavlico’s new P1A range of pressure transmitters is extending Kavlico’s product line with a modular pressure sensor measuring ranges from vacuum up to 16 Bar (gauge and absolute), covering various analog electrical outputs and connectors. The pressure sensor is based on ceramic capacitive technology providing high performance sensors in an compact downsized package.
The new PCB mount low range differential pressure sensor P994 for air handling systems, Variable air volume  (VAV), filter monitoring and duct air flow management applications is based around Silicon-Capacitive (SCAP) technology, temperature compensated in pressure ranges as low as ±2.5 mbar with analogue or digital I2Coutput.
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About Kavlico Pressure Sensors:

For more than 50 years Kavlico Pressure Sensors has been a leading expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad range of precision, pressure, pressure and temperature, fluid level, and specialty sensors. Focused on premium products, and adapting innovative technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure Sensors is the reliable solutions provider for the harshest and most demanding applications across the globe. 

Pressure Measurement from Vacuum up to 3000 Bar - made in Germany